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At a Baltimore mosque Wednesday, President Obama again spewed the fiction that Islam is a religion of peace. That same silly fiction was spewed by George W. Bush after 9/11.

Speaking at the mosque which some have tied to extremism, President Obama said, “For more than a thousand years, people have been drawn to Islam’s message of peace. And the very word itself, Islam, comes from salam — peace.”

Wow. Mr. Obama, with his family background in Islam, should know better and probably does. “Islam” means “submission,” not “peace.”

Islam has been spread by the sword, beginning with Mohammed’s conquests of Arabia, and followed by Muslim conquests of Egypt, Iran, India, North Africa, Spain and all the way to the gates of Vienna.

The president needs to chat with Brother Rachid. Brother Rachid is a Moroccan Christian convert from Islam whose father is still a well-known and respected Imam. He is hosts a weekly live call-in show on Al hayat TV called Daring Questions where he compares Islam and Christianity and debates Islamic scholars. His views have been featured in the New York Times.

Brother Rachid, like most former Muslims, believes Islam is a dangerous ideology and not peaceful.

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