Islam is a religious ideology whose motto is “Submit or Die”.

Make no mistake, Islam is not a religion of peace, it never had been.  It was born out of murder and strife and uses intimidation, fear, barbaric behavior and murder to further its agenda.

Jihadi with heads on a fence

This is Islam. Between 18% and 25% of the 1.2 billion people who practice Islam, think this is OK and is called for in the Koran. It is in the Koran, but it is NOT OK.


This is a list of resources that explain Islam.
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Examining the Newest Historical Research on Islam

Eyewitness confirms Muslim migrants raped, urinated in mouth of special needs five-year-old Idaho girl

An open letter from a former Muslim to president Donald Trump

Where are the moderate Muslims? Hussein Aboubakr

There Are No Moderate Muslims So Stop Looking for Them!

Sweden is becoming a 3rd world country due to immigration

Is America About to Become 3rd World Sweden?

DHS Whistleblower Was Ordered to Scrub Names of Terrorists

Civilization Jihad

The Holyland Foundation Convicted

Ex-Muslim Preacher Explains Violent Islam

Ex-Muslim Preacher Exposes the Gruesome Violence of Islam and How to Help Islam Implode

Muslims harass local reporter

Muslims Have No Intentions of Becoming Part of the Host Culture

The Demographic Destruction of the West

The Demographic Destruction of the West

Imam Preaches to Kill Jews in Canada

“Muslims should kill All Jews” Says Visiting Imam to Montreal Mosque

Justin Trudeau Pushes for Muslim "islamaphobia" ban without defining "Islamaphobia"

Canada Passes Motion to Silence Critics of Islam

Peel School Board Gets Push Back from Parents

School board allows Muslim sermons in schools – Parents Push Back

Treatment of Women Under Sharia

How Women Are Treated Under Sharia

London Terror Attack 3-24-17

London Terror Attack 3-23-17, What The Guardian Knows

Iben Thranholm

Is Denmark on the Brink?

Muslim Calls for Violent Overthrow of Canadian Government


French Women Cannot Go Out

French Women Cannot Go Out – 3-16-17

Immigrant gangs in Paris

Immigrant Gangs Wage War on Paris

Muslim Refuse to Stand in Court

Islam Disrespects Australian Court

ISIS Cruelty – Who Said Religion of Peace?

Islam is NOT a religion of peace

An Explanation of Islam from the British

United Patriots Front, Australia in termoil

It’s Happening in Australia Too!

Hugh illegal firearms depot seized in Spaiin

10,000+ arsenal of weapons intended for terrorists seized by Europol

Bataclan Theater Massacre and Brutality

Horrifying Details of Brutality at Bataclan Theater In Paris Last November

Why Muslims Lie

Why Muslims Lie

Muslim NOGO zones in the US

No-Go Zones of Muslim Extremists in the US

Citizens for National Security video on CAIR's use of lawfare and intimidation

CAIR’s Intimidation and Use of Lawfare

Brigitte Gabriel, 1400 yrs of Islam in 5 minutes

1,400 Years of Islam in 5 Minutes

Islamic Terror Attacks on American Soil