What is Islam?

If you consider that Islam has many facets that affect more than just religion, Islam is a theocratic belief system disguised as a religion. Religion, which is only about 18% of what Islam deals with, is only a small portion of the overall system. Economic, social, and military components affect Muslims and how they deal with the rest of the world (non-believers). Islam’s version of “law”, called Sharia, affect every detail of social life for Muslims and non-muslims.

Dr. Bill Warner analyzes Islam in a scientific manner using the Koran and other Islamic texts. He breaks down the statistics, subjects the passages to objective thought, and uses history to show that actual islamic doctrine is different than the descriptions provided by the islamic clerics and main stream media.

Before you accept anything you hear in the main stream news or from politicians or Hollywood shills, make sure you understand the real Islam. The level of deceit and debauchery contained within the teachings of Islam will surprise Americans. Islamic debauchery has totally overwhelmed Europe. Those countries will not be able to recover from the devastating influence Islam has on their culture and economy.

Dr. Warner is the canary in the coal mine and has been sounding the alarm about this pseudo-religion for decades. Take the time to listen to his videos.

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