Dr. Bill Warner, There is NO Moderate Islam

The term moderate Islam is a fairy tale concocted to disarm the public.  There is NO “moderate Islam” – moderate Islam means NO Islam.  “Islamic extremists”, as those who are practicing the Islamic faith are sometimes called, are following the precepts of the religion.  Those who do not follow the dictates of the faith are not following Islam and can be put on the same level as the kafir – un-believers or infidels.

From Dr. Bill Warner:

When I visited Islamic nation of Kosovo what I found was called moderate Islam. You can buy pork, alcohol and gamble. But this is not moderation, but ignoring the Sharia.

There is only one Islam and it is not moderate nor is it extreme. What we call moderate Islam is the lack of Islam.

Islam is the doctrine found in the Koran, Sira and Hadith. The doctrine is perfect, complete, universal and eternal. How can you moderate something that is perfect, complete, universal and eternal? You cannot improve perfection, you cannot take anything away from completeness, you cannot change what is eternal.

What we call moderate Islam is the lack of Islam, no Sharia or the weak Islam of Mecca.

Aug 26, 2015 – 3:59